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Find out about USDA home loans, wth no down payment. Lower credit scores accepted then conventional financing.

100% Financing through the USDA Home Loan Program

Welcome to the Florida USDA homes website. This site provides information regarding the USDA loan program. USDA home loans are one of the only loans in the country that does not put a homeowner through the hardship of requiring a down payment. This loan option is a no Down Payment Home Loan for first-time home buyers and current homeowners provided by a USDA approved lender. The USDA Rural Development Home Loan program has helped thousands of families achieve their dream of homeownership.

- No Money Down

- Shorter Waiting Periods After Short Sales and Bankruptcies

- No Classes Needed

- Lower Monthly Payments

- 30 Year Fixed Rates

-Ability to Roll Closing Costs into Loan

USDA loans are backed by the United States Department of Agriculture and allow you to purchase a home in select locations without money down. The USDA program was created to help our rural communities grow by making homes more affordable through no down payment and moderate credit requirements. But don't let the word "Rural" fool you! Many suburbs surrounding or bordering populated cities are eligible! 

This is one of the only loans available that allows you to purchase a home without putting money down. This is a great opportunity, especially for first time home buyers or anyone who would like to purchase a home but has limited savings. Flexible credit requirements are another great quality this loan programs offers; don't let past credit hiccups hold you back! If you would like to get qualified or just get some additional information, fill out the Information Request form, so that one our USDA specialist can contact you today!

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Already this year, the USDA Home Loan

Program has already helped thousands of families purchase their home. Find out today, how you can get yours.


Additional Information on different home loan options


The USDA Loan is a true No down payment loan. It has flexibility with credit, and allows for qualified borrowes to purchase a home instead of always renting. 

VA Loan

The VA Loan is only for eligible Veteran. It offers the most flexible guidelines, and also a No down payment loan.


Flexible guidelines and more forgiving on credit then conventional. It requies a 3.5% Down payment with a lower interest rate and usually, no reserves required for up to a 1 or 2 unit properties.


Low Rates for borrowers with good credit, and 20% down payment. No limits on income, area or occupancy type.


Refinancing is taking a new loan to replace your existing. Cash out, or getting lower payment or a lower rates are all a good reason to consider a refinance.


When I contacted you I certainly didn’t expect to be closing on my home 45 days later, but thank you for making this possible for me and my family. I wish I would have known this help was out there sooner.
— Christina Wise